Monday, December 8, 2008

The Chip

The point was an introduction to embedded technology into architctural design. Our assigment was to develop electronic panels with chips which take movement as an input and light as an output, and then design an installation to demonstrate this behavior.

For this, we first developed our panels and decided on the behaviour of light (output). We programmed our microcontrollers for taking movement as input and fastly blinking light 10 times,keeping the light for 10 seconds and decreasing amount of light slowly. After this,we designed little boxes having panels inside and one side covered with translucent material.
The resulting idea was that when you moved inside a designated area, marked with floor sensors you could see that different boxes creating different effects on the floor/wall.

Masters Works
IaaC 2007-2008
Digital Tools and Fabrication
Tutors: Marta Male-Alemany - Victor Viña
Authors: Rodrigo Langarica Avila - Rohan Khurana - Nazli Yucel - Maria Eftychi - Evangelia Vlachopoulou - Jordi Roses - Dorota Kabala

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