Monday, December 8, 2008

Parametric Shield

The purpose of this project was to get our hands in parametric design, the assignment was to create a customized parametric object based on a measurement taken of each student in the class.

We developed a shield made out of components which adapted to the size of the triangle created between the shoulders and the center of gravity of each one of us, the model was made in paper.

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After the input of the particular user’s data, he can play with the shape relating to his or hers particular shield. After several approaches we found a component which could adapt to any surface without loosing its structural capabilities.
In this way we could manipulate the top solid file and prepare everything for fabrication.

Masters Works
IaaC 2007-2008 Parametric Design

Tutors: Marta Male-Alemany
Authors: Rodrigo Langarica Avila - Ismini Koronidi

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