Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quercus Ilex

This project was based on the idea of studying a tree from the Ciutadella park in Barcelona in all its levels. From there we delivered a project based on the specific characteristics of the tree, the Quercus Ilex. The result was a resting space which would eventually serve as a water collector to be placed in the areas of the park which where not prepared to collect water. The whole project was a reflection of the particular of our tree.

At first we created a 3D model of the tree with real dimensions, and then we studied the path of the bark and inverted it creating a network system that configures the surface. This pattern gave us the direction of the model, since the overall shape follows one of the real sections of the tree the pattern configures the walk able and joints surface.

In the end we presented a laser cut model as aid for the slides.

Masters Works

IaaC 2007-2008 Research Studio I

Tutors: Vicente Guallart - Marta Male-Alemany - Willy Muller

Authors: Rodrigo Langarica Avila - Mariana Paz Castellanos

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